Media Used

I work primarily in Polymer Clay and Beadweaving. I also incorporate needle-weaving, micro-macrame, and wire-wrapping into my finished jewelry pieces.

Polymer Clay

Polymer clay is a high-grade plastic material consisting of PVC particles suspended in a plasticizer. The clay, which comes in a variety of colors, can be blended and shaped using a variety of techniques and it remains soft until it has been cured in an oven. Popular brands of polymer clay include Fimo, Premo, and Sculpey III. These designs are not painted. They are created by building the clay into canes or slabs, then layering or slicing to create the finished designs. The designs are then made into beads or adhered to wood, glass, metal, or more polymer clay to make the finished objects.

Polymer clay is an incredibly versatile medium and I enjoy doing a lot of different things with it. I use canework (millifiore), surface treatments, and a variety of other techniques to create one-of-a-kind items. I specialize in creating patterned canework and in using the mokume gane technique to create unique surface designs.

Canework or (millifiore) is a design method derived from glassworking techniques. Designs are built up from the sides in a cane and then parts of the cane are sliced off to make beads.

Mokume Gane (wood-grained metal) is an ancient Japanese metalworking technique that has been adapted for use in polymer clay. Very thin layers of clay are stacked on top of each other, then the stack is deformed and selectively sliced to produce a naturalistic wood-grain effect.

Step by step photoessays:

  • Mokume gane technique
  • Complex canework


Beadweaving is a process through which glass seed beads and thread are woven together to create a "fabric" of beads. The beads are not glued down or together. Each bead has at least two different threads going through it and many have more. For security, the threads are knotted and secured at regular intervals.

Beadweaving is a tradition that goes back hundreds of years and it has been a part of traditional crafts from all over the world. I use a variety of needle-weaving and loom-weaving techniques to create my pieces. These techniques are derived from traditional and modern sources.

I weave glass seed beads with my handmade polymer clay beads and cabouchons using my original designs. Accent beads of glass, wood, stone, or metal are added to make finished jewelry. No pattern/color/weaving combination is ever repeated exactly, and no two jewelry items are made exactly alike.

Kasey's Creations beadwoven work is guaranteed for one year. If an item breaks or frays, just return it to me and I'll repair or replace it free. All you pay is shipping. I do my best to make the beadwork strong and durable, but threads can sometimes fray or break unexpectedly. After one year, I will repair or replace an item for a reasonable fee.