About Kasey

I live in Charleston, SC with my husband, two teenage sons, and assorted pets. I grew up in rural Kansas and majored in Classical Antiquities and Anthropology at the University of Kansas, then I went to the University of Missouri where I earned a Master's Degree in Art History and Classical Archaeology (emphasis on Archaeology).

After finishing my education, I got married and moved to Charleston, SC. I taught myself about computers and worked at The Citadel for 10 years in various computer support positions before quitting to homeschool one of my children and "pursue a more creative life."

Since leaving The Citadel, I have been doing some consulting and website design, but increasingly I have been focusing on making jewelry and home accessories. I work in polymer clay and beadweaving.

Charleston Crafts Cooperative, Charleston SC. Exhibiting member 1999-present; Board of Directors 1999-2004; Chairperson 2002-2004.